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Best Friends Forever Hangout Together

Dear Diary,

I went out with my BFF last time to Sunway. On 5/12/2012.

Together with my BFFs~
We have just finish our high school year, so I guess this was when we celebrated. Here are some of the pictures :

At Pizza's Hut :

Chilli Sos huh? hmm....

Me and my BFF

Two of my 'sisters'

still me and my BFF
don't ask why I upload this picture, I just feel like uploading it... :)

"beware of what you're eating, mushrooms are poisonous (some)"

 And then, we separated. I am with Najwan and my 'sisters' were together. So, we went separate ways. Me and Najwan when to the karaoke club ( I don't know what its name so I call it as 'club'). LOL

and here are some other picture at the karaoke 'club' (not really much picture because we were
busy singing xD) :

Me : I'll be back!
Najwan : nondashi narul chajul ghoyah!

 Najwan : " Yeah!  Peace!"

what song? Automatic!-Tokio Hotel~

hmm..... what should I say about this picture? xD

After losing our voices, we met back with my "sisters", but not just damn! them! We also met are the pictures when we were spending (our time together) :

Sweet huh? I guess~ LALALA

Still them~   {~_~}

My 'sister', Pai~

Umm.... yea~
Not ready yet? Okay~

Four cute little angles~ >_<
Best Friends Forever~! Our Family~

We spent almost one day there and I guess this will be the memories that will stay forever in our heart. ;)
Well, there is all for my post this time~

See ya next time~!

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