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The Existance Of The Word "OPOCOT"

Dear Diary,

Have you ever wondered where the word ''OPOCOT'' existed from? Or have you ever heard about the story of the existance of the word "OPOCOT"??  By the way, "OPOCOT" is the word where some people use when they were shocked or being poked. :D

I heard the story before and it went by like this :

    There were two best friends, John and Mat. Mat was a Malay guy and his best friend John was an English guy. They lived in a small village of each opposite sites that were separate by some paddy fields. Then, came one day when Mat was about to meet his friend at John's house. He walked towards the house and passed through the paddy fields. As Mat reached John's house, John was already there waiting for Mat. Seeing John was there, Mat smiled and he then realized some leech was on his legs. 

Mat   : Sorry I'm late John. Oh!! Pacat!
John  : It's ok. Oh pocot? (Oh, pacat).

and that's where the word "opocot" exist from....... Thanks to our John, we still use it nowadays... well, some of us..... :D  

The picture is not the same as the story~ xD

~~~  OPOCOT!!!  ~~~

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