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A Trip Back To Hometown

Dear Diary,

Final exam just done and now we are back to our hometown. :) 2 weeks holiday and the days are still to be planned.

So, before boarding the flight, we, (my friends and I) have to take our way through KL Sentral and then using Express Rail Link (ERL) to get to the airport. The flight ticket for that day was cheaper compare to other days so we paid the ticket for a song.  :D

Here are some of the pictures : xD

 'Dato' and 'Boss'

Me and Buyah

A random picture my friend captured

And yes, a holiday means a REAL HOLIDAY for me....!!!! xD

That's all for now.......
Oyasuminasai~ ;)

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Gift For My Meimei

Dear Diary,

I met this girl during our National Service (NS). She was in the same class (PK 1) and even same group with me!!! She was in the Charlie company (and I was in Delta), but that didnt mean we were enemies. :D

As we were very closed, I call her as 'meimei' and as a reply, she calls me back 'gege' (which we still do it now :D). Well, 'meimei' and 'gege' are actually Chinese words which mean 'little sister' and 'big brother'. >_<

Meimei and gege huh~ :D

There was one day that before our NS semester break, she made a plan with me. She told me to buy her a present and then exchange with hers. And I just agreed~ :D

So, here's the pictures of the gift that I gave her :

Guess what's inside? :D

Looks cute enough for me~ >_<

What's inside? >___<
It's just a teddy bear~ hahahaha~

As for the gift that she gave me, I opened it during camp and the gift cover had been teared. So, NO PICTURE!!! xD

Decorative picture

At first, when I went out with my friends to look for her gift, I decided to buy her this but the gift was too obvious to be brought back to the camp. So, I canceled my plan... :

Nice... but too obvious~ >___<

Well, I guess that's all for now. WHAT? You want to see our pictures? Sure can.... but I need to ask for her PERMISSION first.... >_____<

~Maybe in the next post~

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Our Performance (NS) : High School Musical

Dear Diary,

I just came back from National Service (NS) and... it was a REALLY REALLY REALLY FUN camp that I've ever been!!

Really.. the teachers, friends, activities etc... all of them were really making my life fun in the camp. =D

Since this is the post about the NS,
I would like to focus on the activities :

One of the activities that we did was our company performance night : "Kebisa's Night"

and ONE of the show of our performances was the "High School Musical".

Actually, we just showed some dancing movement and mostly, the movement was taken from the real movie : High School Musical.... =)

I danced, jumped, shuffled and also, the star of the show. LOL =D kidding~ not just me~ everyone that danced on stage... INCLUDING ME!!  >_<

so here's the video of our performance, ENJOY~ :

High School Musical (NS)

and...... here's the REAL video of "High School Musical" :

That's all for now...

 'Till next time~!!

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