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Our Performance (NS) : High School Musical

Dear Diary,

I just came back from National Service (NS) and... it was a REALLY REALLY REALLY FUN camp that I've ever been!!

Really.. the teachers, friends, activities etc... all of them were really making my life fun in the camp. =D

Since this is the post about the NS,
I would like to focus on the activities :

One of the activities that we did was our company performance night : "Kebisa's Night"

and ONE of the show of our performances was the "High School Musical".

Actually, we just showed some dancing movement and mostly, the movement was taken from the real movie : High School Musical.... =)

I danced, jumped, shuffled and also, the star of the show. LOL =D kidding~ not just me~ everyone that danced on stage... INCLUDING ME!!  >_<

so here's the video of our performance, ENJOY~ :

High School Musical (NS)

and...... here's the REAL video of "High School Musical" :

That's all for now...

 'Till next time~!!

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