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Gift For My Meimei

Dear Diary,

I met this girl during our National Service (NS). She was in the same class (PK 1) and even same group with me!!! She was in the Charlie company (and I was in Delta), but that didnt mean we were enemies. :D

As we were very closed, I call her as 'meimei' and as a reply, she calls me back 'gege' (which we still do it now :D). Well, 'meimei' and 'gege' are actually Chinese words which mean 'little sister' and 'big brother'. >_<

Meimei and gege huh~ :D

There was one day that before our NS semester break, she made a plan with me. She told me to buy her a present and then exchange with hers. And I just agreed~ :D

So, here's the pictures of the gift that I gave her :

Guess what's inside? :D

Looks cute enough for me~ >_<

What's inside? >___<
It's just a teddy bear~ hahahaha~

As for the gift that she gave me, I opened it during camp and the gift cover had been teared. So, NO PICTURE!!! xD

Decorative picture

At first, when I went out with my friends to look for her gift, I decided to buy her this but the gift was too obvious to be brought back to the camp. So, I canceled my plan... :

Nice... but too obvious~ >___<

Well, I guess that's all for now. WHAT? You want to see our pictures? Sure can.... but I need to ask for her PERMISSION first.... >_____<

~Maybe in the next post~

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